It was music that poured from his eyes, and breathed from his lips. Music as beautiful as any I’ve ever heard.
Cloud Atlas 

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Jeffree Star

A woman should be… whatever the fuck she wants
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brendonflurrie said: yes! theyre trying to give a compliment, but its not a compliment if you have to insult someone else for it.

THIS. It’s bullshit when people say it’s better to be curvy or it’s better to be skinny. How about the shapes and sizes between? What if you you’re naturally curvy or skinny or have big hips but no tits? Just rock your body whatever size or shape it is.

Anonymous asked:
yeah i was totally confused by the names but now your story makes more sense to me ^^ i feel really stupid now, sorry for bothering you, have a nice day/night :))

Ah haha okey but hey no need to feel that way, i’m just happy if i was able to help you someway! Thanks, you too :—)