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Curious, I see girls showing there kik on tumblr ect and I kind of wonder why, you'd get a bunch of creepy guys yeah? I'm quite shy and if I ever did would hate to come off as a weirdo! Love the blog by the way :)

I get quite a little creepy guys but a lot nice and sweet messages and all that so i don’t mind keeping it non private. The point of whole thing for me is that random people can send me messages if they want. Thank you! :—)

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Oh Mrs. Rosa, I saw you reblog that "I swear I get uglier everyday." Idk if you meant it but you're absolutely beautiful! Women crush everyday! I swear you've been my wcw so many times haha.. You grow even more beautiful day by day, if it's possible because you're utterly stunning!

Blehh thank you so much for this sweet message ;__;

They’ve promised that dreams CAN come true, but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams too.
Oscar Wilde 


your health is more important than what you see in the mirror,on the scale or in pictures

you are lovely

you don’t need to binge,purge,starve, or exercise until your lungs give out

what you need to do is; be healthy,happy love the life you have and learn to love the body you’re in

I know it’s really hard to do that, trust me but it’s better than self-destruction

live your life to be happy,healthy and awesome~

After you, hell should be easy.
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Disney Villains Week » Day Three: Favorite Villain’s Clothing

The Evil Queen’s Outfit


i swear i get uglier everyday

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